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Ferro Scan
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Our professional operators are able to provide analysis and reports in a variety of ways, flexible for quick real-time on site identification of items within concrete or intensely detailed 3D imaging based scans for specifiers.

The ferroscan equipment offers a range of options for reporting and analysis and can be tailored to fit all design parameters. Expertly interpreted by our qualified technicians with the cutting edge software used in Hilti certified equipment to highlight a huge range of obstructions within concrete from metal and plastic pipework through to air gaps, cracks, voids and even wood within the cast.

Capable of instant diagnostic results and displaying real time information similar to an ultrasound scan which can be read on site to quickly mark pipe locations on the concrete, ferro scanning can also combine multiple scans into single graphics of 3D imaging covering a huge wall or floor space.


The Hilti PS1000 x-Scan's range of reporting and analysis options on all types of rebar detection, reinforcement location and other concrete scanning services we offer as a nationwide service includes;

  • 2D imaging of key obstructions
  • 3D interpretation to depth of 350mm
  • On-screen real-time basic graphics
  • Detailed data files via memory stick and bluetooth
  • Multiple scans joined into a single graphic


Delivering exceptional detail and the capability to produce single large 3D imaging graphics from multiple scans of a large wall, floor, column or curved surface area, our fero-scan service offers incredible flexibility, is cost effective, non instrusive and can be tailored to suit all design parameters with a range of choices for level of detail or rapidity of scanning to suit each specific requirement our clients have.


A diverse range of ferro scanning analysis and reporting UK wide

Highly mobile, reactive and flexible ferro scanning of the highest quality standards delivered to clients across the UK in demolition, refurbishment and engineering, some of our most recent projects have been completed in London, Bradford, Liverpool, Cardiff, Dudley, Wigan, East Riding, Coventry, Plymouth, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast, Leicester, Sunderland, Sandwell, Doncaster, Stockport, Sefton, Wirral, Wakefield, Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Hull, Bristol, Kirklees, Fife and Southampton.


Whatever your requirements for expert ferro-scanning, reinforcement location and radar detection, put it in the hands of the specialists; contact us today to speak with one of our professional and qualified technicians.