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Contact us for all rebar detection, reinforcement location and general concrete scanning needs across the demolition, refurbishment and engineering industries. We offer local and national coverage and professional, qualified technicians with ferro scanning that can be tailored to suit all design parameters, deliver instant diagnostic results cost effectively and non-intrusively on all concrete structures.


Telephone: 01474 822785
Fax: 01474 822785

Address: Youens Cottage, Taylors Lane, Higham, Rochester, Kent. ME3 7JP.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive expertise
  • The latest Hilty PS1000 equipment
  • Fast, accurate scanning detection service
  • Adaptable to floors, walls, soffits even curved surfaces
  • Fast 2D and detailed 3D scan options
  • Scan for obstructions and structural weaknesses
  • Available on site fast across the UK
Construction Fixings Approved Tester
Construction Fixings Approved Distributor


Using pulse technology, the PS 1000 X-Scan, manufactured by industry experts Hilti, detects anything in the required ground, slab or wall area and provides expert data analysis, evaluation and report generation that are visible both in the field and back in the office.

Down loaded information can be used to create detailed documents with diagrams & data for analysis by engineers in real time.